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Google Rounding Out Mobile Strategy With Stealth Startup

It was announced this week that Google acquired Zetawire, a Toronto-based mobile payments-focused startup, in August. This is important and revealing news for anyone trying to understand the long-term mobile strategy for the Silicon Valley search engine behemoth. It’s widely … Continue reading

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Facebook Messages Raising the Bar for Relevant Messaging

Facebook has released a beta version of a new form of messaging to a select few of its 500 million users that has important implications for the digital communication methods of retailers. The new platform allows easy filtering of Facebook … Continue reading

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Bi-Lo Text Message Campaign Wins Big

Last weekend Bi-Lo sent out a College Football-themed text message promotion to 6,000 shoppers in Columbia, SC, prompting them with ways to throw a great tailgate or house party before the big University of South Carolina vs. University of Alabama … Continue reading

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Is Brand Loyalty Evaporating Forever?

According to a recent study by Deloitte, consumers across the country have changed their buying habits and are now more focused on “cutting spending and saving money” than on shopping as a hobby or loyalty to their favorite brands. This … Continue reading

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Dunkin Donuts Using Facebook for "Ultimate Fan Promotion"

Dunkin Donuts has run marketing campaigns on Facebook in the past by asking their “fans” to design the perfect donut for a chance to win $12,000. This time the Quincy, Massachusetts-based company is seeking the “Ultimate DD Coffee Fan” by … Continue reading

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Upscale Restaurants Taking Wine Lists to the iPad

The latest iPad-inspired trend? A number of restaurants, including Bone’s in Atlanta have now started to publish their wine lists on the popular Apple gadget. This not only allows diners to scroll through the available selection, but more importantly to … Continue reading

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Price-Sensitive Shoppers And The Search For Value

With the economy continuing to cast a cloud on consumers, the number of shoppers basing store and brand selection decisions on price is increasing. Accordingly, for those retailers who cannot compete on price it is increasingly important to identify new … Continue reading

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